Gain an edge over the competition with Medulla Pro's best-in-class field service management software.

At Medulla Pro Field Service, we believe being the best requires continuous improvement. We share with our clients the desire to be better, and regularly work with field service leaders to build premium software solutions.

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Why Choose Us

We understand that the heart of any business is its services, and we work closely to ensure our software satisfies the needs of our clients.

We care about the details

We work hard to understand and adapt custom solutions for your organization’s unique, operational needs. That means helping you identify and automate tedious administrative tasks so that you can focus on the big picture.

We offer more than just software

Tayrex offers a comprehensive service package with our products, including but not limited to: set-up, migration from any outdated or inefficient software, training, implementation, as well as hosting and integration with 3rd party software applications.

We are affordable

With Tayrex's pricing plans you get more for less. Whether you are a small startup or a larger enterprise, our team’s expertise and end-to-end system provides the right, value-for-money solution.

About Tayrex Corporation

Tayrex is a software company that combines back office tools with user-friendly applications, providing a fully integrated solution that helps Property Rental/Comunity Association operations run smoothly.

Most importantly, we take the time to study and understand our clients’ vision, and tailor our software to meet the unique goals and challenges of every customer.

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18 Years of Experience

Field Service Challenges


Time constraints,
work order prioritization,
optimizing service chains


Daily operations,
technician management

Smart Scheduling

Maintaining various daily costs,
such as fuel
vehicle maintenance

Alerts & Automations

Pressures to grow service-related revenue
expand clientele

Mobile Application

Customer demand
high expectations

Document management

missing analytic data
Missing service data

Software Features

Medulla Pro optimizes field service management with quality software solutions for dispatching, scheduling, inventory, mobile reporting, work orders, parts, contracts, job checklists, field service tracking, installations,maintenance, and repairs. Cut operational costs Scale and increase revenue Improve customer relationships

With the help of Medulla Pro's smart software and expert support team, these functions plus more will be finely-tailored to fit your business.


Real-time views at the workforce on the map
Live in-progress and completed work order statuses.
Workforce Dispatching Automatically process work orders based on the terms of customer contracts, warranties, or maintanence agreements. Optimize dispatching and use of resources (e.g. people, parts, vehicles), and cut operational costs with streamlined repair and maintenance logistics.
Check all related documents of unit and tenant (ex: rental license, lease etc.)
Billing, Payments, sending text and reports in one place.


Inventory Management Reduce labor costs and prevent errors with organized, real-time inventory management tools. Manage supply & demand, streamline work order planning, and organize with ease using barcode-enabled tools.
manage Warehouse as well vehicle inventory.
Manage staff availability and vacation days.
Keep your staff records all in one system - hours spent per Work Order with daily, weekly, monthly, or broader annual views.
A single directory for all employee personal and contact information.
Supplier’s management.
Staff Checking in and out, calculating hours of work and generating input for payroll.
Technical Information Management Better equip field technicians with access to blueprints, graphic bill of materials, interactive schematics, installation instructions, and product service checklists.

Smart Scheduling

Automatic work order creation, or simple “drag and drop” scheduling.
Option to perform Scheduling in multiple way i.e. map, gantt, calandar (you choose the way fit your operation)
Guards against overbooking and scheduling outside of your staff’s on-duty hours.
Map, table, or calendar views make it easy to manage and support your team.
Work Order Tracking Real-time, geographical map display means better work order tracking, better scheduling, and better customer service. Field workers easily report labor and expenses, reducing the amount of time from initial call to payment.
Repairs and Maintenance Automaticaly assign the right field workers for repairs and maintanence, based on skillset, availability, location, or any other technician parameters.
Automatic generate scheduled Preventive Maintenace Work Order

Alerts & Automations

Alerts to technician of availability of an it.
text alert to customer when technician is on her/his way with an ETA
Automatic Billing generation and sent to customer.
Automatic Preventive Maintenance Work Order generation.
Generate alerts to notify emergency.

Mobile Application

Interactive mobile applications connecting dispatchers to technicians anywhere at anytime.
Workers stay plugged in while off site,
can view work orders,
check availibility of warehouse items,
place orders directly from their tablet or phone device.

Document management

Centralized location for uploading, organizing, and retrieving documents and images such as insurance or other forms.
Secure, HIPAA compliant platform.
All documentation accessible online and available 24/7, including signatures, orders, and more.

Our Application Portfolio

The application portfolio depict screens shot of some of the Medulla functions and demonstrate the power of Medulla helping services you provide, so that you can focus on what matters.

Work Order Metric
Work Checklist
Route Tech Work
Work Estimate
Techs Weekly Scheduling
Gantt Scheduling
Tech Mobile
WO Schedule

Pricing Models

Our pricing models suit the needs of small or new businesses, as well as larger more established organizations.


If you are a small business? We have the tools to help you hit the ground running:

  • Up to 20 users
  • Staff Scheduling and dispatch
  • Mobile App
  • Control Center Software
  • Billing (AR) Management
  • Account Paybale Management
  • Basic Reports
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Manage Large Multi Site Business

    Unlimited users

  • Staff Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Mobile App
  • Control Center Software
  • Billing (AR) Management
  • Purchase Order & Request Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Advance Reports
  • Multi Site Management
  • Interface to your existing system*
  • Data Migration*
  • *If technically feasible
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Manage Medium one site business

  • 21 to 100 users
  • Staff Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Mobile App
  • Control Center Software
  • Billing (AR) Management
  • Purchase Order & Request Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced Reports
  • Interface to your existing system*
  • Data Migration*
  • *If technically feasible
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Management Team Mission

At Tayrex, we believe being the best requires continuous improvement.
We share with our clients the desire to be better, and work hard to build premium software solutions that meet the demands of the Rental/Comunity Association business.


Eric S. Tayar


Before joining Tayrex Corp., Eric was the Co-Founder and CEO of a consulting and software development company, IHL Inc. With over 35 years of Information Systems experience, Eric works with clients on a wide variety of issues and presents practical solutions for better business performance.


Frankie M. Tayar


Over 25 years of experience in Business Development, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Software Development. Prior to co-founding Tayrex, Frankie has worked and serviced companies in the USA, Europe,and Israel. Frankie holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Farleigh Dickenson University.


Jack E. Tayar

CEO - Global Market

Over 35 years of experience in the Hi-Tech industry especially in Software companies. More than 20 years of experience as Co-founder and CEO at 5 Startup software companies in the information security (Click4ON), Field Services Management (Tayrex Global Market), Business Customer club and Home Care software solution (Tayrex Corporation). Also worked as a senior executive at Motorola, Scitex and other private and international companies, experience in business consulting and assistance in getting companies out of crisis.

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